Thursday, June 13, 2024

Letter to the Editor: C2C: "You’ve destroyed a timetable"

Dear Editor,

I am a regular commuter going in the opposite direction to c2c’s preferred destination of London – I live in Rainham and commute to Basildon, which is hard enough as it is.

They’ve now cut out my regular train at 07:35 which ran to Pitsea, where I’d jump onto the main line back to Basildon, but now, unless I get the 07:05, I have to change at Grays and wait about 20 minutes, making a second change. I’m absolutely disgusted by the changes. They’ve completely ruining the Tilbury line in favour of the main line. And c2c are heavily biased towards London travel. Us poor mortals that travel in the opposite direction are getting shafted, and their answer? – When I made a complaint about it, their answer was to go via Barking. Which would be just dandy if it didn’t cost an extra £60 per month (£720 per year)! They are forcing people to travel through London zones.

What c2c have done is destroy a timetable that everybody has come to rely on, and replace it with a half-baked plan that clearly doesn’t work, cutting down carriages during peak hours, terminating trains unnecessarily, and making a complete pig’s ear of it all.

A lot of people will now revert to alternative travel, including myself, as it is simply unacceptable, what they have to the Tilbury loop. Some jumped-up toff is quietly chuckling because he/she thinks they have made a few London-bound suits happy, but conversely annoyed a lot of people off, and possibly started the biggest revolt against a public transport network.

I’m absolutely livid, as are many, many others. And our complaints are falling on deaf ears I’m afraid. I’ve heard a few people talking about blocking the tracks in protest at level crossings, which may sound extreme, but no more so than what c2c have done to a lot of honest people who pay thousands of pounds per year for a, quite frankly, terrible service.


Jason White


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