Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Day 5-C2C timetable chaos: Are Thurrock commuters persuaded by amendments to new timetable?

THE C2C timetable controversy entered its fifth day with no sign that Thurrock commuters are any happier.

Managing Director Julian Drury went onto BBC Essex to set the record straight.

Mr Drury said: "We have had an increase in passengers in the last few years and so have had two make changes that reflect that.

"Monday was a bad day but Wednesday was a lot better.

"We have a massive conscience about this"

Asked if he could make more carriages available, he replied "They would take three years, from order to delivery"

Meanwhile back on the platforms, customers continue to complain as it seems that Thurrock commuters are continuing to feel the pinch.

One commuter, Clare Smith said: "My journey is now taking twenty minutes longer. Stop after stop.

"Commuting is stressful enough and expensive enough as it is.

"I don’t think, even with these changes, that they are any nearer a solution."

Many commuters are pointing to the fact that many trains leaving Chafford Hundred still only have four carriages.

YT is interviewing a representative from C2C on Thursday afternoon.


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