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Christmas in Thurrock: December 1915-From Gallipoli to Mary Pickford

SINCE March 2014, we have been following how Thurrock reported the news during The Great War.

We come to December 1915 and the editor’s thoughts are still with the soldier’s who are stationed abroad.


Editorial Comment

“There will be a feeling of considerable disappointment, mixed with relief, that Suvla Bay and Anzac, in the Gallipoli Peninsular, have been evacuated by our troops. Both positions are consecrated to our memories by the sacrifice of valour which was made to obtain those footings.

It is the more regrettable that the fine Essex Territorial Brigade should be associated in its first experience of warfare with a movement which will live in history as a miscalculation, to put it mildly.

We can only comfort ourselves with the reflection that the Essex men did their work with bravery and constancy, and that whatever may be the verdict of history, they did nothing to dim the lustre of the Territorial Army. Weare told that the troops have been removed to another theatre of operations.

What that theatre is we do not know; we can only hope that it will be a more successful sphere. Gallipoli Peninsular is not entirely evacuated, as the tip is still held, apparently with an eye to future events.

To the bereaved of 1915, an assurance of deep sympathy; to the remainder, a restful Christmas.


Also in the same edition


A sale of work, held at Grays Arthur Street Girls School, in aid of the Red Cross, resulted in the sum of £27 being forwarded to the Society, The articles sold were contributed by the staff, scholars and friends.

EMPIRE THEATRE— This is a Chaplin week at the Empire Theatre, and there is a special array of films, showing the redoubtable Charlie at his best. Needless to say, the public appreciate the various episodes, and there is no doubt Chaplin has come to stay.

During the earlier part of the week also “The Man who Stayed at Home” was an additional draw, this war film being one of the best screened. “A Gunboat’s Chase” was another good film, and Christmas drama was represented by the immortal “Christmas Carol”. The later programmes include another military drama “The Fighting Chance” and the “Tell-tale Crystal Globe”.

The youngsters, needless to say, follow “Cinderella” eagerly with Mary Pickford in the title role.

There will be special performances on Christmas Day.


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