Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Operations could be cancelled as Junior Doctors set to strike

JUNIOR doctors in England have vowed to launch a string of strikes, starting on Tuesday, after failing to reach agreement with Government about their weekend pay rates reports the Daily Telegraph.

The British Medical Association (BMA) last night announced plans for four days of strikes by 40,000 doctors, as ministers said the rates for weekend hours have become the sole sticking point in negotiations.

Patients groups said they were "very worried" about the impact the action could have on the public, with more than 100,000 operations and tests likely to be postponed.

Junior doctors strikes: what should patients do?

The union has been locked in talks with Government officials for a month, since a previous threat to strike was suspended.

Under Government proposals, junior doctors would receive an 11 per cent rise in basic pay.

The terms would also seem them paid time and a half for any hours worked Monday to Sunday between 10pm and 7am, and time and a third for any hours worked between 7pm and 10pm on Saturdays and 7am and 10pm on Sundays.

Last night, the BMA said it had “no option” but to proceed with a string of strikes, which will start on Tuesday, when junior doctors will only provide emergency care, culminating in the first ever full walk-out by medics next month.

Despite the failure to reach a deal, both sides have indicated they want to keep negotiating ahead of next week’s walk-out.


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