Monday, January 30, 2023

Wyldecrest Parks celebrates 15-year anniversary

WYLDECREST Parks hits the 15-year mark this year and the company wants to dominate its business sector until the end of 2016. Valued at around £200 million, the Essex-based company is one of the largest park home operators in the UK with 45 residential and holiday mobile home sites across the country, and it’s owned by multimillionaire Romany Gypsy entrepreneur Alfie Best.

After a successful and prosperous 2015, in which the company has registered a remarkable growth by acquiring more than 30% of its actual nationwide portfolio, strongly invested on its parks’ development and registered a sales increase of over 200%, the bar is set high. By the end of the year, Wyldecrest Parks aims to own 53 parks in the country and then become the leader within its sector.

The business is the only one within its industry to be ISO 9001 accredited and it is as well the only park home operator that has nationwide parks across England, Scotland and Wales. In October, Wyldecrest Parks has also won the 2015 LondonlovesExcellence Retail & Property Business Award and its Chairman Alfie Best was shortlisted for the Entrepreneur of the Year category.

“I’m really looking forward to the year ahead! We’ll carry on growing the residential side as usual and we’re also planning to strongly invest and grow even more the leisure sector of our business”, explains the Wyldecrest Parks’ Chairman. But Alfie Best raises the bar even more: “We want to be a fully European business within 3 years and we want to be an international company in 5 years’ time”, he guarantees. Alongside with its expansion strategy for 2016, the company also plans to grow to 3 times its current size within the next 15 years.

Wyldecrest Parks started in 2001 when Alfie Best decided to buy his very first mobile home park – Lakeview Residential Park in Essex – investing into something that he feels as a second nature – caravans. In 2016, the “crystal” anniversary will be celebrated throughout the year and across the UK with nationwide promotional campaigns and activities to take place on parks.

The company is planning monthly offers and promotions for those who wish to buy a park or holiday home and also for those who want to book their holidays at one of Wyldecrest leisure parks. In February, the company will launch the “15th Extravaganza”, an exclusively online promotion that only lasts for 24 hours on the 15th of each month and a big Anniversary Campaign will be out on March.


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