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Blogpost: Mr Perrin’s pours cold water on Thurrock Tories

Mr Perrin’s blog “A Word in Your Ear”.

At the Council meeting held on Wednesday 27th January, 2016 Councillors debated three motions: They were:-

Motion 1 submitted by Cllr Hebb (Conservative)

“That Thurrock Council looks to encourage the extension of the current Oyster Card Railcard/Contactless Payment Scheme and/or its replacement from Grays C2C station to all zones across the Borough as they would both be helpful and a support to residents and growth.

Council resolves to work with external agencies to realise this request”.

The motion was passed unopposed.

Motion 2 submitted by Cllr Halden (Conservative)

“The Chamber resolves to write to the Secretary-of-State for Health with regards to poor communication/engagement from representatives of NHS England and NHS Commissioning, particularly with reference to the consultation on the PET CT scanner (cancer services) which we view as an unsound consultation”.

The motion was passed unopposed.

Motion 3 submitted by Cllr Stone (Labour)

“Further to the proposed cuts to the fire service across the Borough of between one thi rd and one half, this Council resolves to express its concerns by:-

Objecting to these proposals through the Essex Fire and Rescue Service (EFRS) public consultation and urges residents to do the same.

Raising these concerns with the two Members of Parliament to enlist their support.

Urging the EFRS to consider expanding the level of fire cover in Thurrock due to the rapid increase in jobs, industry and homes”.

The Conservative Group were opposed to the motion mainly on the grounds that the level of the cuts were as yet unknown therefore it was pointless debating the issue

The Labour Group were of the opinion that their opposition to any cuts should be clearly stated and made known as early as possible in the hope that it may have some influence on the level of any proposed cuts to the services provided by the EFRS particularly regarding Thurrock. With one exception, Cllr Snell (Leader of the UKIP Group) abstained, UKIP Councillors supported the motion with Cllr Jones (UKIP) passionately making the case for Thurrock to be made a special case, urging EFRS to INCREASE the fire and rescue services provided in Thurrock.

The motion was carried 23 votes for, 17 against, with one abstention.

I got the impression the Conservative Group, together with Cllr Robert Ray (Independent), supported cuts but hoped that their impact on the services provided in Thurrock would be minimal and therefore be seen to be acceptable.

Surely it is the responsibility of Councillors to strive to ensure that emergency services such as EFRS are fit for purpose and are adequately resourced to deal with any emergency, large or small. The Conservatives appear to be obsessed with the cost of everything whilst ignoring value.

I am inclined to the view better to be proactive rather than reactive.


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