Saturday, June 22, 2024

Boost for Thameside Theatre

CHARGES for using the Thameside Theatre came into focus on Wednesday (10 February) evening at Thurrock Council’s cabinet meeting.

Members were discussing fees and charges across the authority for the coming financial year

But Council Leader Cllr John Kent, said he had “concerns” about charges at the theatre.

He said that now the council had backed plans to keep the Thameside operating while a site for a brand new theatre was found and built, it was important that the Thameside “maximised potential users”.

He said that by keeping the current theatre operating as busily as possible it would help guarantee users and an audience for the new project when it opened in three or four years’ time.

He said: “I think we need to review the fees and charges for the Thameside in light of the decision we have taken to ensure it plays a full and sustainable part in the intervening period.

“We should accept the fees and charges as advertised rates, but allow the theatre manager the flexibility ability he needs to offer discounts or concessions to maximise potential users of the theatre; to maximise the income we can get so we have fewer of those dark nights we have seen over the last year or so."


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