Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Jackie Doyle-Price: "The people of Thurrock have lost all confidence in you"

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of the Facebook Group Thames Crossing Proposals. We have nearly 10,000 members all firmly opposing any new Thames Crossing through Thurrock.

Not only will the proposed road make our air even more toxic than it already is (one of the worst in the UK), decimate 480,000m2 of green belt land and flatten homes it will also be at a cost of close to £6bn to the government.

Option C that Highways England are seeking consultation on only takes 14% of traffic away from the current Dartford Crossing and decreased journey time by a measly 13 minutes. Small return for £6bn! In addition much of the data used to qualify this route is very old, e.g. the traffic modelling data is from 2001! 15 years ago.

The Facebook group along with our council is committed to pushing this away from Thurrock and mitigating the argument put forward by Highways England to show that not only does the argument not represent value for money but also will not solve the problem.

In addition I want to highlight that our Conservative MP Jackie Doyle Price has sent a letter to a member of our group, throwing in the white towel admitting the fight is already lost.

I’ve included the letter and our open response to it. The people of Thurrock have lost all confidence in our MP, is she aware that this consultation is a sham and that the decision is already made? Are Highways England spending millions on a consultation that is purely a PR exercise and Mrs Doyle Price is aware? Why are Highways England omitting key information from the consultation document? Are they try to force the public to pick a route when they don’t have to?

Answer are needed, attention needs to be brought to this issue. The people of Thurrock are fighting this without the support of their MP and will continue to do so.


George Abbott


The Thames Crossing Proposal Facebook page has grown to 9000 members, a page run by residents for residents. We provide support and information and also coordinate action with other residents to ensure there is no Thames Crossing through Thurrock.

One of our members made us aware of a letter they received from Mrs Jackie Doyle Price our MP for Thurrock. A letter that caused such outrage we feel the need to publicly respond as a group. In it Mrs Doyle Price referred to the following;

– The battle to stop a crossing through Thurrock is already lost

– The crossing is coming

– Our Facebook group is no match for thousands of pages of data and consultations taken place over the last seven years.

– We should pick the best route for the 1/5 workers in Thurrock that work in logistics.

We are stunned to receive such a damning appraisal of this situation from our MP, who during the last General Election committed to stopping all crossings through Thurrock.

We also firmly disagree with this appraisal and will continue to fight Highways England preferred route of Option C and any alternates through Thurrock.

Does Mrs Jackie Doyle Price know something we don’t? Is the public consultation an expensive sham aimed at making the public feel they have a say in the matter? Surely, the government and Highways England wouldn’t be foolish enough to contradict their own rules and regulations with regards to planning for a project of ‘National Significance’.

The data that has been made available to qualify Option C is farcical. Out of date, expensive and vague being some of many reasons and along with our Council we are working tirelessly to argue that these gaping holes prove that the proposal does not make sense on any level. A £6bn investment, unsafe air quality, carving of 480,000m2 of green belt land for redirection of 14% of traffic and 13 minutes improvement of journey time is simply ludicrous.

Using Mrs Jackie Doyle Price own example, crudely 30,000 of our population work in logistics, not only do we find that hard to believe, it also does not justify destroying our greenbelt land ,sacrificing our villages or making the other 120,000 of our population having to breathe toxic air excusable, even arguing this point with our own MP is staggering.

With regards to our Facebook page, 9000 members and growing by the day, this will continue to do what our MP should and that’s support Thurrock and fight side by side with our Councillors. We have lost all confidence in Mrs Jackie Doyle Price but are determined to fight this proposal all the way, if necessary for many years and if necessary without our MP.

Mrs Jackie Doyle Price’s website has both "fighting for Thurrock" and "securing a better future for Thurrock" in the header of the page. She is fundamentally failing to do either.

Kind Regards,

Thames Crossing Proposals Admin Team


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