Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Rugby: Stanford 2nds railroad Kings Cross

Stanford 2s (81) – Kings Cross Steelers 2s (5)

Stanford’s young guns shine in a friendly home win.

KINGS Cross Steelers 2nds jumped on the train arriving at Stanford nice and early for the 2:15 kick off. Stanford’s back line mainly consisted of players that had just turned 17 years of age so the focus was on how well they would perform against the seasoned side. Kyran Carney at scrum half gave a solid performance directing the forwards in attack and keeping the play flowing varying the pace as needed. Centre pairing of Lewis Cross and Jack Cochrane defended extremely well hardly missing a tackle all day and when it came to attack both broke the Steelers defensive line setting up several tries.

Winger Richard Thompson gave a man of the match performance, his pace and step, left his opposite number floored several times along with his line of attack, meant that he picked up his first senior try for the club. Full Back Brandon Bodimeade also stood out with a mature controlled game at the back, 100% safe under the high ball and every time he stepped his way back through the chasing attack of Steelers.

Stanford had pretty much sealed the game in the first half whilst Steelers passion and determination never failed them, their tackling let them down and Stanford lead at the break 45 – 0. The second half saw Steelers battle back and never gave up make it a very entertaining game.

Aaron Payne playing in the pack for the very first time gave a strong performance picking up several tries for his efforts. Coach Robin O’Connell stepped in to make up the Stanford numbers along with son Mark O’Connell otherwise Stanford would not have been able to field a starting 8. Steelers picked a well-deserved try as the 2nd half came to a close and everyone including the home supports gave them a rousing cheer for their efforts. The final score 81 – 5 highlighted the potential that Stanford has coming through, with more youngsters turning 17 very soon, the future for Stanford is very positive.


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