Friday, February 3, 2023

UKIP claim Labour "only fighting Thames Crossing to get re-elected in May"

A UKIP organiser has questioned Thurrock Labour over their motives for campaigning against a new Thames crossing in Thurrock.

Regional organiser, Jack Duffin went onto social media to state: "It’s a shame that some Thurrock Labour councillors have been exposed as only fighting the Thames Crossing to get re-elected in May."

YT understands that Mr Duffin is referring to imprints on Labour "No to Thames Crossing" posters seen around the borough.

A Labour source has told YT that: "If we had a poster without an imprint then, due to election law, it would have to be taken down again on March 25th (the date local elections are called).

The issue illustrates how hard it seems to be to keep politic out of the campaign.

One resident contacted YT to complain that he was removed from the Facebook page: "No to the Thames Crossing" after making the same point as Mr Duffin.

Charlie Woods said: "I asked the question as to why posters have a Labour imprint and why councillors, standing for election had been made area organisers for the campaign.

"Next minute I’m kicked and all my posts are removed".


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