Friday, January 27, 2023

Councillors agree new health strategy for Thurrock

THURROCK councillors will be asked to support the borough’s new Health and Wellbeing Strategy when they meet in March.

Members of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee backed the strategy when they met on Tuesday (16 February)

They heard Director of Public Health Ian Wake outline the new strategy’s five “goals”: opportunity for all; healthier environments; better emotional health and wellbeing; quality care centred around the person; and healthier for longer.

He said the goals reflected “common themes and suggestions made through the engagement process” creating the strategy, and are “underpinned by a number of clear outcome-based objectives which help define what success looks like”.

Members of the committee heard there had been 533 completed surveys, but that the engagement plan had included an on-line survey, face-to-meetings with residents mainly arranged through HealthWatch, ngage, and the Thurrock Coalition, community meetings, the Youth Cabinet, staff groups, and meetings with many partner organisations and councillors.

Speaking after the meeting, which endorsed the strategy and recommend its approval by cabinet and council in March, committee chair Cllr Graham Snell said: “Ian Wake made it clear to us that the delivery of the strategy’s aims and goals was key for everyone involved in its creation.

“He told us he wanted it to be a ‘living document’ open to change and able to react as circumstances dictated.

“He also said much had been achieved through the previous strategy and committee members supported all of this, asking that regular updates on progress against the goals and aims were brought back, at least to every other meeting.”

Cllr Snell added: “We wanted to express our gratitude to HealthWatch, ngage and the Thurrock Coalition as well as to all the council officers who had put so much time and effort into collecting and collating the various consultation responses.

“But of course we all owe a debt of thanks to all the individuals and organisations who actually contributed to the consultation. Without them the strategy would not exist and because of their effort we owe it to them to make sure this strategy has a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of all Thurrock people.”


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