People of Thurrock and politicians angry after Jackie Doyle-Price’s latest "taunts"

RESIDENTS of Thurrock and a number of politicians have reacted angrily after comments made by Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle Price over their No to Thames Crossing in Thurrock campaign.

The MP has questioned the role of politicians and the validity of the Facebook group "Say No To The Thames Crossing in Thurrock".

Speaking to the Thurrock Gazette, Ms Doyle-Price said: " I am not surprised that Labour’s ex Councillor Gaywood, Councillor Lyn Worrall and Councillor Gerard Rice have used the group to attack me personally. But in putting their political battles ahead of what is right for Thurrock, they are letting people down.

Ms Doyle-Price has also questioned the validity of the group "Most of the members have been auto-enrolled and many of the posters come from outside Thurrock. Their claims to be representative of local opinion simply lack credibility."

Needless to say these comments have not gone down well.

Co-organiser of the Facebook group, George Abbott said: "Any member will know how hard we try to keep this group politically neutral, we’ve removed numerous posts and members for this reason alone. It’s simply deflecting away from her inaction, maybe she’s embarrassed.

"Also the auto enroll comment just proves she has no idea how social media works. We get our chance Thursday….if she shows up."

Tilbury councillor, Lynn Worrall said: "Message for you Jackie. Yet again you have insulted the residents that elect you to represent them and then you try to turn the focus onto local councillors who have done no more than represent their communities.

All 49 councillors are against this yet you name only two. Sue and Brian Little are Conservative councillors and have been busy in their ward yet you fail to mention them!! It makes no difference to us in Thurrock that they don’t sit in your constituency to us in Thurrock we are one voice standing up and shoulder to shoulder against this crossing.

The comments page of the Facebook page have well over a hundred comments from residents who seem genuinely upset by the MPs comments.

Many explain they are from Thurrock but now reside elsewhere whilst others simply object to the manner of the MPs comments.

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