C2C: The chaos is simply not going away………….

THE barrage of complaints over the new C2C timetable shows no sign of abating.

Every morning and every evening, commuters, many of whom are paying upwards of £3,000 a year go onto social media to express their dismay at the travelling conditions that they have had to endure for over two and a half months.

Even today (Tuesday Feb 23rd), some comments on Twitter are as follows:

@darkstar said: " no one is *choosing* c2c. Stop all this effort on useless promos and start serving commuters properly.

@cazredhead: "Trains are overcrowded arriving at Barking – so you are creating demand but not meeting it".

@eddiebradd: "Is it acceptable to have passengers standing for up to 40 minutes on your services?"

The latest blow was C2C’s failure to obtain further stock.

A spokesman for c2c said: “Disappointingly the other train operator has had to withdraw from our agreement in principle to supply some additional carriages.

“We are in active discussions with industry partners including the Department for Transport on other options for providing extra carriages to reflect the increased demand on the c2c route.”

Southend MP, Sir David Amess has launched his own e-petition to get c2c to revert to their old timetable.

The MP for Southend West has been a vocal supporter of commuters’ calls for the controversial new timetable to be scrapped and has spoken on the subject in Parliament more than once.

He has now gone a step further and set up his own e-petition on the Government’s website to try and force a Parliamentary debate on the issue.

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