Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Thurrock is one of Britain’s house price hotspots with values in each rising by over 15% in the past year

PROPERTY prices in Thurrock have performed strongly in the past 12 months according to data released today by the Land Registry.

The figures show that the average house value across in England and Wales rose 7.1 per cent in the last year to hit £191,812.

Reading in Berkshire was the strongest percentage performer in terms of specific area, the in-depth research shows, with values up a whopping 16.1 per cent to reach £270,146.

Hot on its heels was Luton, Bedfordshire, with 15.7 per cent growth, and then Slough, Berkshire and Thurrock, both up 15.1 per cent.

Those choosing to move out of London to find ‘better value’ could be a major driving force behind the rises.

In Luton for example, despite the boom in house prices, the typical home sells for £166,760 – £25,000 less than the typical home in the rest of the country.

This compares to £530,409 in the capital, which itself saw values rise 13.9 per cent in the last year.


Luton: £166,670

Reading: £270,146

Slough: £228,602

Thurrock: £192,576

‘Buyers are finding better value than in London although if property prices continue to rise at the same pace that may no longer be true.

‘With trains taking only half an hour into Paddington, you can get there faster from Reading than the suburbs, while living in parts of Berkshire will mean a reasonable quality of life.’


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