Trouble just over the Thurrock border with travellers

RESIDENTS in Rainham have had a number of problems with travellers.

And usually, where there are problems on the border of Thurrock, then there are concerns that it could come into Thurrock.

The Romford Recorder has reported that

"Two bathtubs, a mountain of beer bottles and piles of tyres were dumped by travellers in a container yard after they set up camp there for six days".

Owner of the yard in Cherry Tree Lane, Rainham, Ikram Shaikh said he couldn’t believe the damage that was left behind after 10 caravans made the site their home for less than a week.

He predicts the cost of hiring bailiffs to get the travellers off the site and cleaning up could be as much as £10,000.

Havering Council was alerted to another group of travellers on Ingrebourne Hill near Hornchurch Country Park who had been there since Friday.

Residents have also said there were more caravans parked in Rainham Road, Rainham.

All three groups were either evicted or moved on yesterday from the sites.

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