Monday, January 30, 2023

Alfred Russel Wallace exhibition at the Thameside Nature Park

THE Alfred Russel Wallace display at the Thameside Nature Park is the

latest instalment in an ongoing project to raise awareness in Thurrock

of the fact that one of the greatest scientists of the 19th century

lived in Grays.

The display will run from 5th March until 19th March. There are a number

of display panels telling the story of Wallace; how he discovered

Natural Selection independently of Darwin; the house he built in Grays

(The Dell) and what Thurrock was like during the time he lived here.

A number of objects are on display including a copy of the important book he wrote

while living in Grays and a replica of his memorial plaque (original

in Westminster Abbey). Visitors can take a free copy of our 20 page


For children there is a butterfly to colour and a free crayon pack to

colour it with. The project is organised by the Friends of Wallace at

The Dell and is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

There is more information on web site


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