Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Glowing Ofsted report for Somers Heath Primary in South Ockendon

OFSTED have heaped praise on Somers Heath Primary in South Ockendon.

The government inspectors came to the school in February and have written a glowing report on a school that was in special measures six years ago.

The report states:

Pupils at Somers Heath enjoy their time at school enormously. They make very good progress as a result of effective teaching and care.

 The headteacher brings a calm, kind authority to his leadership of the school. As a result, the school is a harmonious and pleasant environment that is valued greatly by pupils and staff.

 Teachers plan very effective lessons that are well matched to the needs of pupils. They place a strong emphasis upon developing effective communication skills and the importance of good presentation.

 Outcomes for pupils have improved substantially in recent years. Pupils make better than average progress from their different starting points in all subjects, especially mathematics and writing.

 Disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs make similarly good progress because they are effectively taught and receive good additional support where needed.

Pupils behave very well and are supportive of each other. Disruption to learning is very rare and is dealt with effectively. Children play together happily and safely in well-supervised, stimulating outdoor areas.

 In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are well cared for and make good progress. Teachers and teaching assistants develop children’s skills effectively, leading imaginative learning and play activities skilfully.

 The curriculum covers an exciting range of subjects, topics and experiences. As a result, the children are knowledgeable about the world and well prepared for life in modern Britain.

 Leaders and governors have ensured that pupils are safe and receive excellent care.

The site is welcoming and secure, and children are taught how to keep themselves safe and treat one another with kindness.


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