Monday, February 6, 2023

Harsher sentences for dangerous dog offences

PET owners convicted of dangerous dogs offences will face harsher punishments under new sentencing guidelines in England and Wales.

The guidelines have been updated to reflect 2014 changes to the law, which increased maximum sentences reports the BBC.

The Sentencing Council said sentences were "likely to be higher than in the past" but must be "proportionate".

The 2014 changes raised the maximum jail sentence for a fatal dog attack from two years to 14.

The amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act also extended the law to include attacks which happen on private property, and introduced a new offence of attacks on assistance dogs such as guide dogs.

The changes to the sentencing guidelines, which come into force from July, cover offences where a dog injures or kills a person, injures an assistance dog, or where someone possesses a banned breed.

The banned breeds are:

pit bull terrier

Japanese tosa

dogo Argentino

fila Braziliero


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