Residents angry as "travellers" return to Kilverts Field in Grays

WHAT appears to be an "unauthorised" encampment has re-appeardd on Kivlerts Field in Grays.

The field off Argent Street has been a popular place for leisure activities but has become something of a "no-go area’ say residents over the last two months after a succession of unauthorised encampments have appeared there.

The council through the Essex County Traveller Unit will no doubt go to court and get an injunction but residents that have spoken to YT want to see a more robust approach to the matter.

One resident, who did not wish to be named said: "If the council’s anti-social behaviour team are eagle eyed enough to spot a mum dropping a cigarette butt ingress High Street then perhaps,, just perhaps they can focus their forensic vision on the fly-tipping and random fires that have occurred on the field."

YT has asked Thurrock Council for a statement.

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