UKIP’s Tim Aker restores bus service to Aveley

THE Aker Foundation has launched a community bus service running between Aveley, Kenningtons and Upminster. The Aker Foundation will be working with Transvol to provide a wheelchair accessible, free to use weekly bus service.

The free to use bus service will have 15 seats and run every Friday from Aveley Rec at 10am, picking up at the bottom of Shannon Way by Ormiston Park School at 10.15am and arriving in Upminster Station drop off point for 10.30am. The service will depart at 1pm from Upminster Station collection point to return residents to Shannon Way and the Aveley Rec. The service will begin on Friday 15th April.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "When I was elected in December 2014, I committed to restoring bus services between Aveley, Kenningtons and Upminster. I am delighted to announce that we are restoring bus services for Aveley.

"I pledged to put my Councillor Allowances back into the community and set up the Aker Foundation to support residents in Thurrock. The bus is designed to assist members of the Community who used to shop or bank in Upminster before the service was cut.

"I am immensely grateful to Transvol and will enjoy working with them. They offer a great community service and I will do all I can to support them. If we see a greater demand for this service, we will obviously look to run more services in the future."

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