Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Leader of Thurrock Ukip sets out his plan for ruling Thurrock

IF there was ever someone who personified the "reasonable" face of Thurrock Ukip, then it may well be the Thurrock group leader, cllr Graham Snell.

Whilst others may have grabbed the headlines, Graham and his deputy leader,, cllr Roy Jones have got about the business of serving their communities.

YT sat down with Graham to reflect on the last two years as a councillor and as the leader of a group.

But we also wanted to examine his credentials as the possible leader of Thurrock Council after May 6th.

We wanted to examine, whether they had the "right stuff" to handle a budget in excess of a £100 million a year or would they be more comfortable, as they are at the moment, being a buffer between the Tories and the Labour groups.

In this fifteen minute, interview, there is no mention of Europe and no mention of immigration. Just the grassroots, Thurrock issues.

In many ways, 2016 may be seen as a watershed for Ukip. Will this who enjoy the machiavellian machinations go one way and those who want to serve their grassroots community another.


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