Saturday, June 22, 2024

UKIP’s Chadwell councillor pledges to fight biker battle after he has his house graffitied

A UKIP Chadwell councillor has pledged not to give up his fight against bikers after

his house was graffitied on Tuesday night.

Chadwell Councillor Russell Cherry has been leading the fight in Chadwell against the rogue bikers causing a nuisance.

Cllr Russell Cherry said: "I was shocked to return home last night to find the bikers had graffitied my house. Since being elected I have been focused on trying to resolve the nuisance they have caused to local residents.

"I am committed to pressing ahead on this issue and helping the residents of Chadwell St Mary.

"The intimidation by these people will not stop me trying to clean up our roads and make sure bikers follow the law".


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