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Ward by Ward: West Thurrock and South Stifford

YT feels that they have West Thurrock and South Stifford fatigue. The reason for that is there has been a number of by-elections in the ward over the last few years.

This ward has alway been a bit "close but no cigar" for UKIP.

In 2012, councillor Oliver Gerrish won by 494 votes from UKIP.

In 2014, cllr Andy Smith won by 294 from UKIP.

In the by-election of 2014, cllr Terry Brookes won by 282.

In May 2015, Cliff Holloway won by 772.

Therefore, you feel that UKIP had their best chance.

It is a growing community in this ward and may best illustrate the changing demographic picture of Thurrock.

There are a lot of issues from crime, traffic, housing and health to name a few. The Biomass plant may also be on people’s minds.

Labour have the advantage of three councillors who appear to have really worked the ward and seem to have the issues in hand and are very much in touch with the positives of living in West Thurrock and South Stafford in 2016.

We are sure UKIP candidate Jackie Stephens will try her best.

Tory candidate, Tony Coughlin has been a stalwart community campaigner for many years and so we are sure he will enjoy campaigning. Yes, we will try and ask him about weight limits.

YT prediction: Labour hold: 350.

Candidates: West Thurrock & South Stifford

Tony Coughlin – Conservative

Oliver Gerrish – Labour

Jacqueline Stephens – UKIP


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