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Ward by Ward: South Chafford-Can the Qaisar rule?

IF there is one thing we remember about the South Chafford election of 2012 was that it had, of all the wards, the lowest turnout of all.

Only 934 voters out of a possible 4803 turned out to vote (19%).

On that occasion, they voted in young Charlie Key, who immediately adopted th moniker of Chafford Charlie.

Charlie has now stood down, which was a shame, as we thought the personable young man had a lot to contribute and the Conservatives, who struggle to get candidates, may want to reflect on that.

The Conservative candidate is former Homesteads candidate, Sue MacPherson. Sue (a Chafford resident) is a former deputy leader of Thurrock Council but over the last four years, has cut a fairly solitary figure on the back benches,

Having said that, that may well Sue as she has work and family commitments. And having said that, when Sue has something to say, it always is pertinent and hits home.

In 2012, Labour lost by 95 votes. In 2014, it was 214 votes. But in that year UKIP polled over 200 votes. Will they do so again? You never know, but will a Brentford-based student in Torren Snell really be able to serve this community? That is up to the voter.

This year, the Labour candidate is Qaisar Abbas. Mr Abbas has been campaigning since February and is certainly putting the effort in. He is clearly an example to many candidates on how to campaign. It is so refreshing to see!

Can we win? Well. it is all about logistics and getting his voters out between 7am and 10pm on Thursday May 5th. Or, organising the postal vote properly.

It is also a matter of persuading people to vote for Labour. Whether they are minded to vote for a party led by Jeremy Corbyn or vote for a Labour run Thurrock Council that has led their ward looking like a midden is a moot point.

YT caught up with Qaisar on Saturday lunchtime and asked him about the campaign.

YT prediction: Cons hold: 35


Qaisar Abbas – Labour

Sue Macpherson – Conservative

Torren Snell – UKIP


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