Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ward by Ward: Grays Thurrock-John Kent at the crossroads

THIS ward is as solid as Labour are ever going to have it in Thurrock. Just ask retiring retiring councillor Yash Gupta.

In 2012, cllr Gupta won by a massive 748 votes. However, in 2014, Labour only won by a paltry 139 votes from a surgent UKIP.

In 2015, Cathy Kent won by a more comfortable 471 votes.

This time, Thurrock Council leader, John Kent is standing. He has taken a step across from Grays Riverside. Some tried to call it a chicken run but it seems more that he wanted to represent the ward in which he lives in.

John Kent stands head and shoulders above the other 48 councillors.. That comes through experience but also having that political antenna and judgement that means when the tricky ball is bowled you see it the size of a beach ball and not a ping pong ball.

For some reason, we have the feeling that JK may well end up leader of the council come May 5th and the annual meeting on May 25th.

Good our see business woman Michelle Macadangdang standing again for the Conservatives.

Again, it will be interesting to see how UKIP fare in this ward. If they can restrict Labour to less than 40% of the vote then that may be a result.

YT prediction: Lab hold: 275

Grays Thurrock

Tom Davis – Independent

John Kent – Labour

Michelle Macadangdang – Conservative

Allen Mayes – UKIP


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