Saturday, June 22, 2024

Will the headteacher at Hassenbrook Academy ever return?

THE FUTURE of the headteacher of under-fire Hassenbrook Academy remains in doubt as he continues to absent due to illness.

The school went into special measures in February. At that time, YT contacted the school but was told the head, Ms Michelle Bamber, was absent.

On Wednesday, we contacted the school again and was told by her secretary that Ms Bamber was "ill".

The face of the head still beams out from the front of the Stanford-le-Hope school’s website.

In big bold words, Ms Bamber tells all parents, staff, pupils and governors

"The staff and I are committed to providing the best possible education at Hassenbrook, with great learning and teaching at the core of our values. We are determined to enable students to realise their full potential and very often exceed it".

However, when it comes to the Improvement Plan that is detailed on the school website, the lead teacher appears to be the head of Gable Hall, Dr Sophina Asong.


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