Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Chadwell women’s debt dispute ends up in the court of ITV’s Judge Rinder!

A DISPUTE between two women from Chadwell St Mary over an unpaid loan has been settled in a TV court room.

Judge Rinder is a British reality court show that has aired daily on ITV since 11 August 2014. It stars criminal barrister Robert Rinder as the judge, who oversees a variety of cases, such as disputes over basic consumer issues.

Monday’s episode involved a dispute between Cheryl and Mandy.

The court heard that Cheryl had loaned Mandy £3,000 to pay for a "headstone for her stillborn grandchild"

The loan was being paid off through a £20 a month direct debit.

But only part of the loan was paid.

Mandy told Judge Rinder that instead of paying the direct debit an agreement was made to pay it in cash and she had a ledger to show that payments were made.

The Judge, through a series of searching questions cast doubt on Mandy’s ledger calling it "wholly unconvincing.

He judged that the rest of the debt, amounting to £1175 was still outstanding.

The court also heard that the money loaned was not spent on a headstone.

Images courtesy of ITV.Com


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