Monday, May 27, 2024

Karate; McAllister Kickboxing Grading

McAllister Kickboxing Grading

ANOTHER successful grading 15 Graded, 15 Passed! The students worked really hard and deserve their results.

Huge congratulations to William Everson on achieving his Black Belt at only 13 years of age! He is the youngest in our academy.

Libby Fletcher Gold

Oscar Clarke Gold

Jake Davis Gold +1

Simon Davis Gold +1

Guy Khawaja Green

Florence Davis Green

Beau Bixby Green

Blake Vine Purple

Joe Nickols Purple

Tyler Judd Purple+1

Jamie Lawrence Purple +1

Nicki Palmer Purple +1

Lydia Skilletter Blue +1

Lewis Rayment Red

Morgan Potter Red

William Everson Black

Classes are open to any age from 5 years to 99 years or ability, at Horndon and Corringham

Contact Sensei Tracy Wells

07884 055396


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