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Ward by Ward: Tilbury St Chads

IT has always been closer than they would feel comfortable for the Labour Party in Tilbury. They have their office in Tilbury, the MP used to live in Tilbury and it has had a number of strong councillors over the years.

When incumbent councillor, Lynn Worrall first won the seat, it was by just 61 votes. There have been years when Labour have romped away with it. such as 2012, when Lynn Worrall won by 565 votes (72%) but that was until the UKIP came along. In 2014, Labour squeezed homeboy just 18 votes.

This is going to be a tight one. Lynn Worrall has certainly done the hard yards. Even from distance, you have a fear idea that there are candidates who have walked and walked and walked and those who have, not.

Lynn Worrall knows how to fight a ward election and looks like she has, as they say, done the math.

Then again, the people know her. She lives local, is a stalwart at community forums etc and is at the forefront of local issues. Yes, there has been challenges in her role as portfolio holder for housing but we don’t think her campaign hinges on that.

But even though we think UKIP, statistically have peaked, don’t make it so. There was certainly a lot of honking of horns and thumbs up when Nigel Farage came to town.

YT prediction: Lab hold…87

Tilbury St Chad’s

John Allen – UKIP

Adam Carter – Conservative

Lynn Worrall – Labour


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