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Tilbury company ALM Training Services criticised by Ofsted

A TILBURY-based company that provides training in warehousing has been told by Ofsted that it requires improvement.

ALM Training Services Limited (ALM) has its head office in Tilbury. It offers a study programme in warehousing and storage in Colchester for 15 learners who were previously not in education, employment or training and who had no, or very few, qualifications when they started. The first full year of the programme was in 2014/15.

ALM Training Services won The Logistics & Distribbution Category of the 2014 Thurrock Business Awards.

The report states:

1. Trainers do not plan theory sessions well enough to meet fully the identified needs of all learners.

2. Managers do not record quality improvement activities sufficiently to support their ability to monitor the impact of improvements regularly.

3. Trainers do not challenge learners sufficiently to enable them to achieve their full potential in mathematics and English.

4. Managers do not analyse data well enough to enable them to identify trends quickly so that they can take prompt action when necessary to ensure learners make good progress.

5.A minority of learners do not remain on the programme to complete their qualification aims.

6. The attendance of a few learners is low.

The report did highlight the following strong points

1.The large majority of learners who complete the study programme gain their qualifications.

2. Learners achieve high standards in their vocational work because trainers have high expectations and are ambitious for them to succeed.

3. Learners benefit from the good training in practical warehousing skills.


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