Sunday, April 2, 2023

Fraudsters allegedly scamming theatre goers through Essex based Facebook page

By Eric White

Article below all from Action Fraud website:

Action Fraud has received several reports from victims who have purchased tickets from a seller on Facebook and never received them.

The fraudster had been offering discounted tickets for West End shows through an Essex based Facebook page claiming to operate as a charity called “Shooting Star Theatre”.

The Facebook page, which has over 1.7k likes, was offering tickets to Matilda, Lion King, Aladdin and many more, but has been now closed down by the fraudster.

Victims have reported paying for the tickets using PayPal and direct bank transfer, with losses ranging between £40 -£240.

So far 43 reports to Action Fraud have been assessed and analysed by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and have been sent to the police for further investigation.

What to do if you’ve been affected:

If you have fallen victim, it is important that you report it to Action Fraud. This will allow police to gain a better understanding of the scale of the fraud and will help build an investigation.

Everyone that reports to Action Fraud will receive a Police Crime Reference Number (NFRC) and an update in writing 28 working days later.

If you have paid the suspect via PayPal you should try and request a refund. Remember to give PayPal your Police Crime Reference Number (NFRC) from Action Fraud. They can be contacted on 0800 358 7911.

If you have paid the fraudster via bank transfer, notify your bank immediately. They can try and recover the funds, but remember this might not always be possible. This guide from Which? explains how to get your money back after a scam.

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