Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Another night of woes on Thurrock roads

1930 hrs

The M25 anti-clockwise/northbound through Kent is experiencing severe delays from J4 (A21) to the A282 Dartford Crossing. The delays are due to the volume of traffic using the Dartford Tunnels.

In order to prevent standing traffic forming in the tunnels the Crossing Control halts traffic from entering the tunnels periodically. This is done with public safety foremost in our minds.

Road users intending on using the Dartford Tunnels are urged to allow additional time (at least 1 hour) for your journey. If possible please consider delaying your journey until traffic levels have reduced.

1900 hrs

A1306 Essex – Queuing traffic on A1306 Arterial Road North Stifford in both directions in North Stifford between Treacle Mine Roundabout and the M25 J31 junction.

Queuing traffic on A13 westbound between Tilbury and Lakeside. In the roadworks area.

A126 Essex – Slow traffic on A126 London Road in both directions in Lakeside between Stoneness Roundabout and Lakeside turn off.


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