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Peanut the Dog, abandoned in East Tilbury, is on the mend

A LURCHER-cross left to die at a lorry depot in Essex is making a good recovery and has even remembered how to wag her tail.

The RSPCA and Catley Cross vets, who are caring for her, have been overwhelmed by messages of support for Peanut, found with broken bones and in an extremely emaciated state under some bushes near Station Road, East Tilbury last Tuesday (24 May).

It is thought unlikely that the dog would have survived another 24 hours had she not been found by a passing lorry driver who rang the RSPCA for help. He tried to coax her to him by rustling a peanut packet, which gave her her name, but she was so weak at the time that she could not even stand to drink a bowl of water.

RSPCA inspector Samantha Garvey, who is investigating how Peanut came to be abandoned in this way, said: “She is a completely different dog to the one we found. She clearly feels a lot better and has perked up.

“When I visit she jumps up and is really happy to see you now. When we first found her we couldn’t even get her to wag her tail – but now it is constantly thumping away as soon as she sees you.

“We urge anyone who knows anything about how she came to be left like this in this callous way to call us on 0300123 8018.”

Sam added: “Peanut is doing a lot better than when she first came to us and really improving, although still has a way to go.

“When she first arrived Catley Cross had to spoon feed her every hour, but now she can now eat for herself out of a bowl. She also no longer needs the drip, special fluids or antibiotics.

“Having said that we still have concerns as she hasn’t gained the weight we would have liked to see her gain. Hopefully this is just a matter of time and getting the care and attention she needs.”

Eighteen month-old Peanut was emaciated when she was found – and at 6.8 kgs she was less than half the weight she should have been (15-17 kilos) and the same as an adult cat. She was also covered in wounds and had untreated injuries including a fractured femur, broken pelvis and dislocated hip which the vet says she is likely to have suffered with for many months.

The RSPCA is also raising funds to pay for her treatment and ensure she gets the TLC (that’s treatment, love and care). Anyone wanting to help can do so here :http://bit.ly/1TJ9zyM


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