Thursday, April 18, 2024

MP Stephen Metcalfe stands shoulder to shoulder with former National Front organiser

THE REFERENDUM is pulling together some interesting bedfellows. When you get so used to seeing politicians on their respective sides, it is strange to see Conservative politicians linking arms with Labour politicians, not only in Thurrock but all over the country.

Some have raised an eyebrow at the interesting alliance of right and far right politicians who have come together as part of the Vote Leave campaign.

Perhaps one of the more interesting sights was South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe standing side by side with former UKIP councillor Robert Ray.

In the seventies, Robert was an organiser for the Newham branch of the National Front.

But that was a lifetime ago. Robert was a UKIP councillor for Aveley before leaving and representing the ward as an independent.

YT now understands that Robert has joined the Conservative Party. To many Robert is a fascinating political thinker who believes that parties need to have a radical blueprint in order to thrive.

In the interests of balance, the Labour councillor for Chadwell St Mary, cllr Gerard Rice has also shared the Out platform with Robert.


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