Saturday, April 1, 2023

New Thames Crossing could be under threat if you Vote Leave….says Chancellor George Osborne

CHANCELLOR George Osborne has warned a vote to leave the EU could place a question mark over money the government has allocated to plans for a new Thames Crossing.

The scheme could fall foul of the need to set an emergency budget to cope with a downturn in the economy if there was a Brexit, he told an assembled audience in Kent.

His speech made a number of references to Kent projects and whilst it may have been aimed at persuading the good people of Kent to vote remain, it may have th opposite effect in Thurrock.

A document published by the campaign group Britain Stronger in Europe detailed how large infrastructure schemes could be at risk because of the need to cut capital spending by £2.4bn reports Kentonline.

On the plans for a new Thames crossing, he said: "These decisions take many many years.

"You have to make sure the funding is there. One of the first thing that happens when there is a recession is you would need to look at big infrastucture projects."

Mr Osborne highlighted the threat to the economy and investment in the south east as the referendum campaign enters its final phase.

"A vote to leave would hurt businesses, hurt investment and cost jobs. There would be difficult decisions – difficult decisions that begin next Friday.


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