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Why I will vote to leave the EU!

THE fact that immigration has become the number one issue concerning a very large proportion of the UK population, topping the economy, is a damning indictment of the long term failure of the Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to recognise that “uncontrolled” immigration from member Countries of the European Union was, and still is, a problem.

It took the rise of UKIP and the threat of a huge change to the political makeup of the UK, i.e. a possible threat to the “jobs” of MPs themselves, to force them to take seriously the adverse impact uncontrolled immigration has on the lives of the “ordinary” indigenous population of the United Kingdom. Before the rise of UKIP in Thurrock anyone, like myself, who raised concern about uncontrolled immigration were shouted down and branded as racists, even likened to Oswald Moseley and his “black shirts”.

For those who may ask who was Moseley, he was a leading political figure in the 1930’s who supported Hitler and formed the British Union of Fascists (BUF) referred to as “black shirts” as that was the colour of the shirts they wore along with the swastika.

Great Britain, as this Country was known before changing to the United Kingdom, fought two world wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, during which hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen lost their lives and many more suffered from horrific injuries for the rest of their lives. Those two wars, and other conflicts since, were fought on the principle that sovereignty was sacrosanct, i.e. the right of Countries to govern themselves free from oppression or interference from another Country, to control their own borders, to make their own laws, to protect their own economy and protect their own people.

It seems that politicians from all parties, with the exception of UKIP, are hell bent on creating a “United States of Europe” thus achieving what Hitler failed to do, the surrender of the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. Are our MPs now saying that the sacrifice of all those lives count for nothing and the principles for which they fought have no value in today’s world?

We are told that we are safer together in Europe, I would remind MPs that a British Prime Minister, in 1939, came back from a meeting with Hitler waving a piece of paper, signed by Hitler, proclaiming it promised “peace in our time”, within a matter of days Hitler invaded Poland and this Country declared war on Germany, so much for treaties and promises, they are only words on pieces of paper, easily torn up and discarded by those who have less peaceful ambitions.

Those of us who advocate” Brexit” are accused of being isolationists “little Englanders” who live in the past and are fools to believe we can stand on our own two feet and survive in today’s world. My response is, it is not foolhardy to have faith in your Country’s ability to stand on its own, to face the future with confidence and pride, patriotism is not a dirty word. I am all for reverting back to being known as Great Britain, with emphasis on the “Great”.

I am not entirely opposed to immigration, but I am opposed to the unrestricted right of the free movement of labour, which the EU regards as non-negotiable, it therefore follows that our Government, of whatever political persuasion, has no power to control the number of people coming to the UK from Member Countries of the EU, currently standing at 27 but likely to increase in the not too distant future. Immigration from the EU should not be confused with refugees fleeing from danger/persecution in their own country, a tactic politicians exploit by portraying advocates of control as heartless people, prepared to stand by and see refugees die without the slightest care or compassion.

I readily agree that some immigration is desirable where there is a shortage of people with skills such as doctors, nurses or other specialist professions, but I am utterly opposed to workers from the EU being employed in the artisan trades, such as bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, painters at the expense of our own artisan workers who languish on the “dole”. Those who tell us that migrant workers contribute to the economy by way of paying income tax are not affected by unemployment, suppression of wages, shortage of affordable houses, overcrowded schools, hospitals and doctors surgeries, they are protected by wealth and privilege.

As for those employers who tell us that migrant workers work harder and are better skilled than British workers, I say what arrant nonsense you espouse, and suggest that most of you are motivated by the availability of “cheap” labour and more money in your own pockets to enable you to live the life to which you have become accustomed off the backs of low paid workers, a practice which the EU appears to be quite happy to allow to continue. British workers currently unemployed, as a consequence of uncontrolled numbers of immigrant workers from the EU, would be happy to be given the opportunity to contribute to the economy by being in work and paying income tax.

Labour Party MPs tell us that being a member of the EU is the only protection we have from the excesses of a Conservative Government, what a damning indictment that is of the Labour Party’s inability to provide that protection and abrogating the responsibility to “Brussels”.

The Conservatives have been very successful in dividing the nation and portraying those on welfare benefits as workshy layabouts living the “highlife” at the expense of the hard working tax payer. It is up to the Labour Party to convince voters they are capable of running the Country whilst still protecting the less well-off, the old, the sick and disabled, to surrender that responsibility to ”Brussels” is an admission of failure. At the end of the day the people decide what sort of Government they want, and if that is a Conservative Government then so be it, as you sow so shall you reap.

We are told by “noteworthy” institutions such as the IFS, the CBI, the Bank of England, etc.etc. of adverse consequences for the economy should we leave the EU and that we should listen to and take heed of their dire warnings.

We are also subjected to horrendous speculation, and it is just speculation, by the Prime Minister and others such as George Osborne, Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson and other leading politicians, as to how the Country will be plunged into economic chaos and that we will have to endure at least another decade of austerity. This is scaremongering induced by panic on the part of these luminaries who are alarmed by the growing support for “Brexit”.

Osborne’s latest pronouncement being that he would have to introduce an “emergency budget” immediately after a successful vote to leave, a pronouncement ridiculed by 57 MPs from his own Party.

We are warned that member countries of the EU would cease to trade with us and at the very least impose high tariffs on our goods sold to them. Again I think this is just another speculation on the part of the “Remain” campaigners designed to scare business owners to vote to remain in the EU. I do not for one instant think that any EU member Country would be as foolish as to cut off their nose to spite their face.

If I were restricted to making just one, what I considered to be, compelling reason for leaving the EU it would be this:-

If remaining a member of the EU prevents us from putting the welfare and interests of our own citizens above the interests of citizens from another country we should lift the burden of the EU yoke from off our shoulders and leave. I am convinced that most citizens of the UK are confident that we are capable of standing on our own two feet, making our own way in the world and remaining a country with “clout” on the world stage.

Let the world see that Great Britain is alive and kicking and still a force to be reckoned with. Doing so will make it clear that all those lives sacrificed for the right of Countries to rule themselves still has value in today’s world. We should not be embarrassed to call ourselves citizens of Great Britain; we should do so with pride and heads held high. Rule Brittania!

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