Wednesday, March 22, 2023

UKIP councillor celebrates Brexit: But what now?

Blogspot by Aveley councillor Luke Spillman

We did it!

I have to pinch myself as I must admit that I wasn’t sure we would win. We aren’t revolutionaries in the UK. This is probably why we have enjoyed the most stable parliamentary democracy in the world.

Who could have blamed people for sticking to the status quo? We were subjected to a coordinated barrage of project fear. Big banks, big business and the political class both here and abroad all took it in turns to try to scare the British people with increasingly alarming predictions of the end of days.

After spending months on the doorstep talking to people I was confident Thurrock would vote to leave. However I had no idea how the rest of the country would vote.

The polls leading up to the big day were poor. One poll showed a 10% lead for remain. The bookmakers didn’t give us a chance.

However suddenly the results in Sunderland and Newcastle came in and the mood changed. Then town after town declared for leave and the confident expressions of the establishment started to change. One by one the remain strongholds in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Scotland came in and yet leave were still in the lead. By the time the incredible result from Birmingham was announced the outcome was already no longer in doubt. We’d won against all the odds. We’d secured our very own Independence Day!

This is a win for communities forgotten by the metropolitan elites. A win for families struggling to make ends meet no matter how hard they work. However we must not be complacent. We have won a vote to leave the EU but as I type many within the political class are actively working to deny us this victory.

The SNP look certain to vote to try and block Brexit in the House of Commons. Many in the Labour Party look set to do the same. There are calls for a second referendum. Senior leave figures in the Conservative Party such as Boris Johnson and Dan Hannan have already said that they want to keep the free movement of EU workers into the UK.

However there is one thing that is certain. UKIP will not accept an establishment stitch up. The people have spoken and every leave voter can rest assured that UKIP will not stop until this is secured.


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