Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thurrock Council pledge "zero tolerance" approach to litter-bugs

THE leader of the council, Cllr Rob Gledhill, is looking to the future with a promise to improve the environment across Thurrock.

Speaking last Friday (24 June), he said: “The new administration’s commitment to residents is clear – clean it, cut it, fill it.”

“We know how important our green and open spaces are to local residents. We want to make sure they are at a standard we’re all proud of and that they are kept that way.

“There is work to do but we have the right people working to get it done.

“If residents cannot trust us to get the grass cut how are they to trust us with the more complex services we have to provide?

“This isn’t a small job and will take time, but it is our priority to see Thurrock well looked after.

“Our mantra is clear; clean it – we want litter free, clean streets and open spaces. Cut it is about keeping our parks family-friendly and usable. Fill it is simply about ensuring our roads are safe for all users by filling pot holes.

Looking forward, Cllr Gledhill explained how keeping Thurrock a place we can all be proud of will need the commitment of everyone.

Talking about how we ensure Thurrock is kept tidy he said: “I am supportive of enforcement action for those people who disrespect Thurrock – be it throwing litter from cars, dumping unwanted waste illegally or using our roads and highways as personal skips.

“This council will take a zero tolerance approach to people who fly-tip, litter and blight our borough through laziness and inconsiderate actions – why should tax payers pick up the bill for people who have no respect for their neighbours?

Determinedly he finished by adding: “We’re committed to getting Thurrock tidy and our parks usable – but we are equally committed in a robust enforcement approach to those who don’t.

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