Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Athletics: Five star performances by young Harriers in Pentathlon

Open Pentathlon Hemel Hempstead

FANTASTIC results from the Thurrock Harriers young athletes at Open Pentathlon at Hemel Hempstead last weekend. For many it was their first taste of competition and did well to dominate the high positions.

For the U11G, Emily Renshaw came first with PB of 8.9s in 55m hurdles, 0.94m in HJ, 2.76m in LJ, 3.79m in Shot, 2.26s in the 600m and a total PB points of 187. In second place we had Olivia Vickers with PB of 9.0s in 55m hurdles, 0.88m in HJ, 2.55m in LJ, 3.20m in Shot and 2.46s in 600m and a total PB points of 147.

For U11B Arnold Emeka who came first with PB of 8.7s in 55m hurdles, 0.93m in HJ, 3.14m in LJ, 3.70m in Shot and 2.17s in 600m.

Oreofe Adepegba came 1st U13b with 75mH and 800m PB’s 1687pts further securing his No1 uk position for his age group. Fellow U13B Jamie Crane came 3rd with PB of 15.60s in 75m hurdles, 1.25m in HJ, 3.98m in LJ, 6.24m in shot and 2.49s in 800m and a total PB points of 1086. Sean Emeka who came 4th with PB of 15.9s in 75 Hurdles, 1.25m in HJ, 4.47m in LJ, 5.50m in shot and 2.58s in 800m and a total points of 1041. Orhan Corek who came 5th with PB of 16.2s in 75m hurdle, 1.22m in HJ, 3.91 in LJ, 5.75m in shot and 2.58s in 800m with a total points of 928.

Tilly Monk took 3rd place in the U13g with PB’s in HJ, LJ, Shot and 800m giving a total score 1729pts, Funmi Adewole obtained PB in 70mH and 800m finishing 4th 1462pts.

For U15G Leisha Hunt came first with total PB points of 2397, other results was 13.8s in 75m hurdles, PB in HJ of 1.33m, 4.80m in LJ, PB in shot of 8.30m and 2.43s in 800m, Ruby Bridger came 2nd with total points of 2344, other results was 12.7s in 75m hurdles, 1.42m in HJ, 4.31m in LJ, PB of 8.49m in shot and 2.57s in 800m. Nicole Emeka came 3rd with total points of 1316, her other result were 20.9s in 75 hurdles, 1.15m in HJ, 3.62m in LJ, 6.49m in shot and 2.51s in the 800m. Tia Vickers secured 4th with 75mH, LJ and Shot PB’s 1086pts, with Tolani Odimsou PB’ing in HJ, Shot but unfortunately did not take part in hurdle event so did not position with 1231pts,

U15b Gbenga Adewole came 4th, gained a LJ PB and 716pts, followed by Luke Hollgate who obtained PB’s in all 5 disciplines with 556pts.

All coaches and parents are very proud of the young athletes who’s hard work and determination shone through today. Well done all.


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