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Tory leader of Thurrock Council expresses concern over new Thames Crossing letter from Jackie Doyle-Price

LEADER of Thurrock Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill is adamant that the council still remains opposed to any new crossing in Thurrock.

Speaking on Tuesday (5 July), he said: “I am concerned I am being asked about Option A in a recent letter from Jackie Doyle-Price MP. All 49 councillors – including me – were resolute in our stance of ‘no more crossings in Thurrock!’

“Colleagues from across the chamber and I have set out 17 reasons on why we are against any additional crossing;

“We have challenged the consultation’s fairness as well as its process and we have publically criticised Highways England’s lack of communication with us as a Local Authority.”

“I, as Leader, am taking these issues seriously – it is, without a doubt, one of the most significant issues to affect Thurrock.

“We are pushing for the results of the Highways England consultation – but we’re told they aren’t due out until the autumn.”

Finally he added: “It remains unfair, unreasonable and frankly undemocratic. Even during this quiet time following the end of the consultation, we are continuing the argument that Thurrock is not the place for a new crossing.”


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