Monday, May 27, 2024

Grays Athletic: Their part in Wales’ Euro Champ success!

NOW avid readers will know that we do try to keep an eye out for any Grays Athletic connections.

An ex-Blue pops up for a Premier League team here (Dwight Gayle) or a winner at an Old Firm derby there (Gary Hooper).

So, we were listening to Radio Five on Tuesday night as they charted the journey of the Wales team over the last ten years.

The former under-21 coach, Brian Flynn told them that a few years ago, he was speaking to a Reading player at the training ground.

He then said that one of the Reading players, Glenn Little, who a few years later, signed and played for Grays Athletic, pointed to a young player called Hal Robson-Kanu and, with tongue in cheek said: "Why don’t you pick him, he goes on holiday to Wales.!"

Flynn made polite conversation with Robson-Kanu who told him that he had a caravan in Wales. "Yes, I live in Basingstoke and the caravan is on the west coast but we stop off in Caerphilly to pick up my Gran."

The rest, said Flynn was history. And so, we can confidently say that there would never have been that wonderful goal and that Cruyff turn without Glenn Little’s cheeky observation.


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