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West Tilbury WI: July report

West Tilbury WI: July 2016

THIS month’s speaker at West Tilbury WI was Alison Belton housekeeper for the Women’s Refuge also known as Changing Pathways in Thurrock. This is the service that gives women of Domestic abuse a place to take stock of their lives. For whatever reason these vulnerable women have to leave their home and families there is help on hand, if they have the strength to ask .

There are all sorts of reasons, may it be a partner that is giving physical abuse or verbal abuse on drugs or alcohol no one should have to suffer this. If a woman does leave it seems she will also leave behind not only her home but she and her children are not entitled to any benefits for twelve weeks. How are they supposed to live without any money for food or accommodation especially if children are involved?

What bureaucrat thought that one up?

It is left to people like the Women’s Refuge to step in to help. Since the food box’s it seems the Women’s Refuge are not getting the support from various organisations that would give food to them before, especially fresh foodstuff. We are always ready to give to different causes abroad perhaps we should try to remember those closer to home.

All the WI ‘s in Essex know George Mills and his wife Marion. These wonderful people have been helping the people of the Chernobyl disaster when a nuclear plant blew up destroying all in its path. George has been collecting things like toiletries, teabags, coffee, nappies and anything that makes life easier for these people to survive. George has had Builders, Dentists all kinds of people ready to go and give their time and skills to help over the years. He took them himself to begin with and so everyone benefited.

Making sure they went to the people who needed them.

At one time the WI tried to get him Knighted for his good works. This has been going on for Twenty years, now it has been declared illegal and he has been told he cannot do this. If WI members and others are willing to give and happy to help these people. Why Not?

President Joanne Phillips and secretary Lorna Jones went to Brighton for the WI’s AGM meeting the resolutions that were passed to be put before the Government were about

Food Waste and more help with Dementia.

Jane Woodman was presented with a bouquet of flowers and thanked for all her help when she retired from the committee.

Raffles were won by Lorna Jones, Joy Ridgewell and Visitor Kathy Knowles

August meeting by invitation only, will be the 76th Anniversary Birthday Party

Next meeting at West Tilbury Village Hall on September 6th Quiz Night with Chris Meads.

Visitors welcomed.


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