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Thurrock Healthwatch: No job losses despite being thousands in

THURROCK Healthwatch has announced that there will be no "planned job losses" despite being thousands of pounds in deficit.

The announcement came shortly after the publication of their annual report.

The report shows that they received £139,643 in funding including £124,357 from Thurrock Council. However, the report also shows that their wage bill was £140,463.

When other expenses were added, Heathwatch Thurrock reported a deficit of £43,735.

YT looked at other Healthwatch groups around the country and found there was a significant gap between the amount of funding they received and the amount spent on wages.

Healthwatch Essex: Funding=£692K Salaries=£289K

Healthwatch Herts: Funding=£482K Salaries=£264K

Healthwatch Southend: Funding=£190K Salaries=£84K

Healthwatch Medway: Funding=£128K Salaries=£82K

The £140k wage bill appears to fund five members of staff.

In 2015, the wage bill was £92k and they had four members of staff.

Chief Executive Officer, Kim James said: "As you are aware, Healthwatch Thurrock is a project of Thurrock CVS now, so our accounts are managed by them, the information in the report came from their accounts department. Kristina Jackson CEO of Thurrock CVS has provided the below response to your questions;

Overheads are a consolidation of all office and running costs such as Telephone, IT, Stationary, Purchase of equipment, volunteer expenses. Depreciation, finance, rent, and management fee – the largest expense last year was on the printing and stationary of over £7,078 which include items for our engagement work. The next charge is our management fee which is £7,000 which includes the finance function.

"The £43k was a planned deficit based on underspend from the previous year. There are no planned staff losses".

YT did send another e mail to ask how they planned to reduce deficit but have yet to receive a reply.

Healthwatch is described as a consumer champion in health and care. They have statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services.


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