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Outstanding! Quarry Hill Primary received glowing report from Ofsted

QUARRY Hill Primary school in Grays has been rated "Outstanding" by government watchdog Ofsted.

In an age when an "Outstanding" rating has been notoriously difficult to achieve, the Bradleigh Avenue school has received what can only be described as a glowing report.

The report states:

The headteacher provides outstanding leadership. Together with an extremely strong leadership team he has brought about significant improvements since the previous inspection.

 Senior leaders and governors have high expectations of pupils. This is shared by a highly skilled team of staff. They plan challenging work that allows all pupils to progress exceptionally well.

 By the end of Year 6 the progress for all groups of pupils in reading, writing and mathematics is significantly above average.

 Pupils’ written work is of a very high standard. There are many opportunities for pupils to write at length and in detail across a range of subjects.

 Attainment in phonics (the link between letters and sounds) is significantly above average.

 By the end of year 6, the progress disadvantaged pupils make is better than other pupils nationally.

Pupils enjoy school and love learning. Pupils show high levels of respect towards adults and one another. It is a happy school in which pupils feel extremely safe.

 Attendance has significantly improved and is above average.

 The curriculum is very well planned. It promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well.

 Early years provision is good. The proportion of children achieving a good level of development is increasing rapidly. However, not all teachers are using assessments to set activities that challenge children enough or develop their understanding of the wider world.

 Parents are involved in the initial assessment of their child when they enter nursery. However, this is not the case on entry to Reception where opportunities to visit and talk to teachers are limited.

Headteacher Tony Parfett said: "The inspection clearly demonstrates the drive and determination of staff to provide the very best education for every child.

"We are incredibly proud of our pupils’ achievements and this cements the outstanding outcomes that our pupils gained this year, which yet again exceeded national expectations.

"The teachers and children deserve this accolade for these incredible improvements. What a fantastic team!”.

Grays Thurrock councillor and shadow education spokesperson, John Kent said: "I ma very pleased for every person involved in what is a fantastic report for the school.

"Credit must go to every single person associated with this remarkable turnaround."


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