Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Transport committee determined to keep C2C on track

PLANNED improvements to the c2c timetable will be watched closely by a scrutiny committee at Thurrock Council.

The new Chair of the Planning, Transport, Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Barbara Rice, and other committee members made clear during the meeting on 18 July that they will be keeping a close eye on the rail operator.

The committee heard that the planned 24 extra carriages originally due in 2020 should now be introduced between October and December this year. Although positive news, all members stated how c2c need to improve the service they offer.

Following the meeting, Cllr Rice said: “We are very disappointed that no one from c2c attended to present the report or answer questions from the committee.

“The information provided to us did not show that c2c have improved their service since December and I have asked officers for their view on what data should be provided by the company so that the committee can vigorously scrutinise their performance.

“Many of our residents use the service provided by c2c and it needs to be more than just value for money.”

Cllr Rice continued: “I will be writing to c2c on behalf of the committee to ask the questions we were not given the opportunity to ask at the meeting and to request a representative from the company attend the next meeting.

“I will be asking them what consultation they are doing with passengers, what services will have the extra carriages and I will be asking for regular performance data to ensure that our residents are getting an excellent service.”

For more information on Thurrock’s rail network go to: thurrock.gov.uk/rail-services


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