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Dartford Crossing: Thurrock Council roads boss pledges meeting for September

THURROCK woke up this morning (17 August) to traffic chaos after a serious accident took place in the early hours at the Dartford crossing.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Gledhill said: “I’m concerned about the time it takes for Highways England to respond to incidences and will start to have a serious long term impact on the borough.

“When we hear about a road collision, our immediate thoughts are always first to those involved.

“And while I fully support road closures and delays for medical and emergency services attendance, there should be a better plan in dealing with traffic in surrounding areas.

“We know that every time an accident takes place on or near the crossing the majority of Thurrock comes to a halt.

“What is the cost to the council and to businesses each time Thurrock grinds to a stop?

“I know the council have done their part – They’ve been re-sharing messages on social media and updating the website but also making internal arrangements for social care services and amended bin collections.”

Portfolio Holder for Transport, Cllr Brian Little has prioritised taking on the lead role in the boroughs new Congestion Task Force.

He said: “It is absolutely unacceptable that time and again tens of thousands of people are affected by a single accident in a single place.

“I am determined to get all agencies around the table to look at Thurrock’s vulnerable highways points and get robust contingency plans in place.”

The Congestion Task Force is due to meet for the second time on Tuesday 6 September and partners from Highways England, Essex Police and Local Authority have been invited.

He added: “Highways England is clearly not concerned with keeping Thurrock moving – I’m sure they believe another crossing will solve all the issues – but we know different.”


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