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Letter to Editor: Praise for Thurrock Council’s clean up of the borough

Letter to the Editor


I have been a constant critic of Thurrock Council but I do believe credit where credit is due .

Having just driven along the A13 from the A1089 Junction to the five bells roundabout I have to say I thought I was driving along the wrong road .

For almost a year I have been complaining about the state of various roads in the borough and in particular the a13 and the a1089.

Frankly I am pleasantly surprised at the recent clean up operation by Thurrock Council along this part of the A13 which for the first time in recent memory it actually looks quite respectable . Both sides of the embankments have been cut and cleaned , as well as the central reservation . I just hope this is not a one off , but part of a structural clean up of Thurrock roads , towns and the surrounding area.

Sadly , the same cannot be said for another main artery road, i.e: the A1089 , and whilst I know a clean up was carried out earlier this year , sadly it is now worse than ever , but unlike the A13 , the A1089 is the responsibility of Highways England and not Thurrock Council and despite constant complaints to HE , all we get is minor cleaning operations with little difference made .

Of course neither need to be done if those responsible for the mess IE fly tipping , and the waste disposal lorries actually netted there loads ,which is a legal requirement instead of the refuge waste being thrown out all along the A1089 .

Sadly fly tipping still remains a major issue in many others parts Thurrock and hope more robust action

So first I would like to publicly thank Thurrock council and its executive for the clean up operation on the A13 , as well as appeal to the council to maintain and continue there "clean it cut it fill it " policy , and equally ask Highways England to sort out the a1089 once and for all .

The A1089 Is a disgrace , and resembles a road in a third world country as opposed to the UK .

Tony Coughlin


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