Letter to Editor: UKIP raise questions over unauthorised traveller sites

Dear Editor,

LOTS of questions have been raised to me about yet more unauthorised traveller site again in Thurrock and why we haven’t done more to stop it. UKIP have been campaigning for a long time for a law change like in Ireland, where it would become a criminal offence. This would mean they could be moved on instantly and made to pay for the clean up rather than the local taxpayers.

We managed to get a response from the Tory Government to our 10,000 strong petition on the issue of criminalisation. The Tory Government said the law is fine with it taking over a week to clear and with Council taxpayers picking up the bill.

Conservative Council Leader Rob Gledhill said: “I don’t think criminalising someone’s way of life is the best way to go about it." He thinks we should be tough on people fly tipping but soft on unauthorised traveller sites.

Conservative Stanford-Le-Hope West Councillor Terry Piccolo doesn’t think it’s that important an issue for his Government. He said "this is not big enough…to warrant the government making it a priority."

Our 17 UKIP Cllrs in Thurrock are doing are best to try and stop this. But it is difficult to achieve anything when a Tory run Council and Tory run Government have no interest in dealing with unauthorised traveller encampments. Please badger as many Tory politicians you know and when you see them to convince them they should take this issue seriously.

Cllr Jack Duffin

Councillor for Stanford East & Corringham Town, Thurrock Council

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