Monday, March 4, 2024

Grays Beach Park: Anglian Water will go it alone (and bill Thurrock Council)

ANGLIAN Water has pledged to do their very best to clean up the mess at Grays Beach Park which has seen vast areas of the much-loved area underwater.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “We’re progressing the repair of our pumping station, which has two damaged flap valves after fly-tipped debris allowed seawater into the pipe at high tide.

“We need a legal permit to work in the estuary and are waiting for this to come through. However, in the interests of getting the Grays Park Beach cleaned-up and back to normal, and to prevent this from happening again in future, we’re going to install a non-return valve to a council-owned pipe which runs underneath the beach. This will stop seawater reaching the beach even if there are problems at the pumping station.

“Our engineers highlighted the need for a valve to Thurrock Council at the start of August, but work has not started so we are prepared to carry out the work ourselves and bill the council for it. As we can’t control the fly-tipping, this is our best solution to prevent a repeat event in future.

“We’re sorry Thurrock residents aren’t yet able to use Grays Park Beach but we are doing everything in our power to resolve it quickly.”


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