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Blogspot: Why Owen Smith is toxic

Blogpost: by Scott Nelson

OWEN Smith says Labour losing votes to UKIP over his pro-EU and pro-immigration stance ‘is worth it’

Another day, another Owen Smith gaffe. Smith’s latest corker is truly unbelievable and sums up why he is unfit to lead the Labour Party – and why the party is toxic in working class areas like Thurrock.

Owen Smith has already said he will try and block Theresa May invoking Article 50 which would effectively sabotage the Brexit negotiations despite 17 million people voting Brexit – or 52% of the country. Brexit was the people’s vote, not Parliament’s.

How on earth can Owen Smith justify gambling Labour’s future by saying losing even more votes to UKIP is ‘worth it’? This is a clear indication that Owen Smith’s vision of Labour is Tory-lite and he is only interested in the Tory vote while disenfranchising working class voters and driving them to UKIP.

Thankfully, Thurrock Labour has rejected Owen Smith’s style of politics and is backing Jeremy Corbyn’s. The party recently voted 8 to 27 in favour of Jeremy Corbyn which proves they have realised the UKIP threat in Thurrock is real and Owen Smith will only make things worse.

Owen Smith is nothing more than a self-serving and out of touch politician who clearly has no time for working class voters. Jeremy Corbyn, however can – and is – uniting Britain and is not disenfranchising swathes of working class voters. He’s reaching out to them and that’s why he has attracted tens of thousands of supporters at his public rallies across the country, while Owen Smith could hold his public rallies in a telephone box and there would still be room at the back.

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